Hola gente, So, everything is shutting down because of the coronavirus world wide outbreak. I am one of those affected by this because I work for the DCPS school system. No worries about it because yo girl is still out here grinding making this coin ( money ). Anywho After a long work day and …

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Have you ever heard the expression "there is light at the end of the tunnel ?" Or "Sometimes life seems a dark tunnel with no light at the end, but if you just keep moving forward, you will end up in a better place ?" PLEASE KEEP GOING ❤


Sapiosexual: (of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing..... I think this might be my favorite word thus far. If you say it out loud it rolls off your tongue sexy and smooth. Can you imagine talking to someone that's so intelligent that you develop this unspoken obsession with a person's brain? Just imagine …

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