Happy Easter?

“Wah gwan” my fellow blog luvers? So today was a long stressful and tiring day. First i was forced religion. Just give me a minute to explain this. See i am the type of person that does not label my spirituality. I dont feel like my faith should have a label on it (Christianity, catholic, baptism etc.) I am just a spiritual person, i believe in what i believe in and i stick by that no matter what anyone has to say. GOD is my best friend in my head and heart and no one can take it away from me. No, i dont down anyone’s religion or spirituality and i do believe that as a person you can believe in what ever you want. Even if you dont believe in anything at all. Personally, I just dont like to be forced.

So, today is “Easter Sunday”. I still call it and believe it to be “Resurrection Day”. Its the day when everybody and their momma dont step foot in church on any other day but this one. They spend all this money for clothes (dresses and suits) they only gonna wear for one day most likely. Easter baskets that’s gonna last for one hour and eggs and paint that’s gone in two seconds. I dont understand the price that is put on these special days. I think it defeats the purpose of the real reasons. So on those days, i choose not to go to church. But my mom thinks other wise. It was like i would be damned for the rest of my life if i didn’t take my kids to church and plant that seed. Like all the other times i go to church means nothing at all smh.

So we went, we were late and it was crowded. Then this woman (my mother) had the nerve to tell me i look a hot mess with jeans, a shirt and tennis shoes on. But this whole time i thought it was come as you are and there i was in jeans and tennis shoes lol. That’s suppose to be all that matters right? We left there and went to have family dinner in Laurel, MD ( rice, cornbread, fried chicken, roast, baked turkey wings, mac and cheese, greens, lima beans and two dozen boiled eggs) Becky (my mom) threw down yall. When i tell you i ate good and sipped my alcoholic beverage, I DID. Then i caught the idis and was ready to go home. As soon as i hit the door (home) i had to finish my essay on psychology and stress in everyday life. By my surprise, i was happy as hell to do it. At this point it’s my life in a nutshell and i need all the stress management info i can get. Then i ended the night blogging  and sipping on St. Ides Brew. Dreading that gosh awful sunday before work day monday after being off for a week for spring break. My life really is a journey people.


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