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For those of you that have been living under a rock, I want to introduce you to this guy 👉  👉       kanye-west-blond

Now, this man is originally known for being one of the most talented musical geniuses walking this planet. A platform for people of color. Now….. He is just…….I really dont know LOL…………( Exhibit A…….. His Hair) 😦

Recently Kanye has made a statement that has half the world going bat shit crazy. He said and I quote

” When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice.”

Now, at this very moment there are people out there that either understands and agree with what he has said. Or they dont and is ready to play pin the tail on the donkey with his head.  So I did a little bit of digging on the subject before I decided to bring forth a good ole blog debate. You know, see how others felt about this. I started a debate at home and work 🙂


Now my husband is on the understanding side. He feels that slaves out numbered 10 to 1 and that if we had more Nat Turners and Harriet Tubmans there would be no 400 years of slavery. One of my coworkers feels the same way. There are even different artists, YouTubers and Social Media faces that is for Kanye’s statement. They agree with him.


Now, there are even more people that dont agree. And I mean reeeaalllyyy do..not…agree. His statement has so many people fired up, even some of my coworkers got so upset to the point that they had walked off in mid conversation. Then the other day I came across this video that is breaking the internet. ⇓⇓

Retrieved from YouTube : TMZ

I am writing about this because this man’s words has started so many things in so many different ways. Emotions are on an all time high and people are either for it; or against it. I want to know how my blogger family feels about Kanye’s statement. How do you guys feel? Leave your comments below Let’s Debate!!



12 thoughts on “Lets Debate

  1. Benjamin Woolridge

    I don’t believe Kanye’s genius extends beyond his music and, unfortunately, there are those who are willing to believe what he says because of his platform without realizing that what he said has no basis in reality. His comment is damaging because it plays fast and loose with the history of slavery in America, and removes a lot of the culpability of this country’s white, slave-owning, founding fathers.
    There were many rebellions prior to Nat Turner. American slavery pretty much started out with a rebellion–the Bacon Rebellion but Africans, of course, came out on the losing end.
    This country was founded as a slave nation and the US Constitution is nothing more than a white slave owners contract that LEGALLY dehumanized an entire race of people for centuries. We have yet to recover our humanity.

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    1. Hello,
      Thank you for following my blog and starting the debate. Your point of view makes alot of sense and I agree with you. But do you think if they would have kept fighting and more rebellions were built that they would have won (our ancestors)? Or at least started that road to freedom a little earlier than 400 years? What If they kept fighting? What If we keep fighting and fight even harder?

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      1. Benjamin Woolridge

        Even though I do love learning about history, I’m not a historian–meaning that I don’t consider myself an expert on history. But I do know that there were an estimated 250 rebellions (according to history.com and their sourced material) before slavery came to an end in this country. So I don’t believe our ancestors ever stopped fighting but I do believe had it been more of a collective effort the outcome may have been different. America is a big country. I also believe that when rebellions did happen that slaveowners would adopt more preventative measures whether it be through legislation, escalating violence, or by using slaves to police other slaves (snitches) in a system of rewards and punishments. Remember, our ancestors came from a continent of many languages and dialects which is why African families were separated and largely kept uneducated because slaveowners feared rebellion. Systems that remain in place in today’s America. We’re still fighting but when you have niggas like Yeezy speaking as though Wypipo have little to no blame for slavery and our present struggles it makes our fight that much harder.

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      2. YES!!! You hit the nail on the nose. Facts with facts, I truly agree with you my brother “more of a collective effort”. One could only imagine how things would be now.

        I hurt for today’s America, Its ok to kill each other now and later. But you look pass everything else. What sacrifices were made to get here, the hell that so many went through. And instead of us coming together we pitch the blame SMH. “Hate them or join them and hate each other”

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  2. If slavery in America was by choice, then it would not have been necessary for a law making it legal to own slaves. That same paper defined what percentage a slave constituted as a person. If it was by choice, slaves could walk off the plantation and not be hunted down with dogs and whipped for being “disobedient.” If slavery was by choice, families could choose to stay together rather than be sold apart to different owners..

    If slavery was by choice, the ships would not have had only one-way trips. They would have been ships leaving the colonies for Africa to take those who wanted to return to their homeland.

    There’s lots more of “if slavery was a choice” but I don’t think any of it would change Kanye’s mind. He’s in the sunken place.

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    1. LOL the sunken place. That he is lol.
      But the way my husband looked at it was, allowing it (a choice). Not fighting hard enough and keep fighting no matter what.
      But I do agree with you saying slavery not being a choice. Its never a choice for any race being treated worse than animals, families broken, and raped smh. But let Candace Owens tell it, the generation now should feel nothing from what happened to slaves long ago.


      1. Sorry, I don’t know who Candance Owens is. Re: “fighting hard enough…” was practically impossible. Africans brought over on slave ships were from different tribes and languages. When they arrived in the colonies, they did not speak “the White man’s language” either. Organizing to rebel is most difficult when people speak different languages and do not understand each other.

        They were sold to plantations, some in different states. In fact, some were auctioned off in the East Coast states to southern states. This meant that those of the same tribe would be separated.

        One of the reasons the colonists did not continue to enslave Native Americans, is because the Natives were familiar with the landscape. Africans were not familiar with the landscape, and even those born into slavery would not know what lied ahead for them if they left the plantation. They had no money, and could not read and write, None had ships to cross the Atlantic Ocean and return to their native land.

        As long as Blacks are dehumanized; called racial epithets, and mocked for demonstrating anything from African culture, (such as natural and/or braided hair), slavery is going to stay in the minds of African-Americans. As long as there are White Supremacist organizations, slavery is going to stay in the minds of African-Americans just like Nazis groups are a constant remainder to Holocaust to those of European Jewish descent.

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      2. Please google Candace Owens….I think that your thoughts on her mindset would be a conversation……You are right about the ongoing slavery mindset. But I think its far more than how others see and treat us; and our culture. But how we see and treat ourselves. They are killing each other off left to right. Our men are talking down on our women etc. The list goes on. We play a part in it too, We are doing to ourselves what we scream about the government and/or the “white man” is doing.


      3. Re:

        ” But I think its far more than how others see and treat us; and our culture.”

        Much of that depends on geographics, and even communities within those geographics. It also depends on the age of children when they first experience systemic racism, such as in the school systems. Along with this, there is police culture within certain communities that has led to vigilantism or righting wrongs outside of depending on law enforcement.

        Within SOME Black communities is still the concept that lighter skinned Blacks have an advantage over darker skinned Blacks, and that is rooted in ideologies during slavery.

        The United States is a huge country, and not all things in some areas apply to other areas.


  3. That would take some mental processing before one could comment intelligently!
    A majority subjugating a minority for a long period … maybe. Where I live we had a minority doing it to a majority. Would there be an uproar and a half if it were suggested that it was by choice!

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