Laughter & Honesty

Whats Happening Bloggers,

I’m going to get straight to the point. I was told that my laughter was a problem and me being too blunt is too. It was said that I laugh too much at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons and It pisses people off. And my honesty is a little too much.  I try to explain to people (family, friends and my Husband) that “I laugh to keep from crying”. I have been through so much, that I guess I’ve gotten to the point that not too many things and/or situations are that serious to me. And I dont like to sugar coat things, I will give you my honest opinion.

For Example: When people call me for advice and/or telling me a situation that has them angry. I LAUGH!! Then I will give you a very blunt and honest opinion …..Because  sometimes their problems/situations be hilarious and I just cant help myself.  Then sometimes the problem is so minor….. I’m like really? You mad about that? Then got the nerve to get upset because I laughed or is too honest :/

Then alot of times Its just the same thing over and over again. Like that person never learns from their mistakes. So I give them my ears and every bit of my mouth LOL

So, because people cant take me how I am…. This is what I tell everyone before we even get into the “guess what happened?”………..

If you dont want me to laugh and If you dont like and/or cant handle my honesty. Call somebody else 🙂


31 thoughts on “Laughter & Honesty

      1. I agree. If they already know the type of person you are–someone who keeps it real–then I don’t see the problem. But it has been my experience that people just want you to co-sign for what they do and say.

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  1. I appreciate someone that wears their heart on their sleeve or that’s blunt as they say. I like knowing exactly where I stand with people. I prefer that to someone that’s always nice and I never even know if they like me.. 🤣 hang in there..


  2. I have a best friend who will give you her honest opinion. We have been friends for the pst almost 46 years. She’s always been the same. I appreciate her honesty as she does mine. She doesn’t laugh, however. What I do know is that if I don’t want the “honest” truth, then I shouldn’t call her.

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  3. Sometimes I laugh when I’m nervous…a few times I laughed when I heard bad news. It was a natural reaction. It’s easy for me to say not to worry about what others think, so you just have to do your best. If anyone has a problem, calling Tyrone is probably best, lmao!

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  4. melissatstyles

    Girl keep being you. A lot of people don’t understand that we are responsible for our own happiness. It is not fair to look for others to behave only in a way that pleases us. You walk in your truth if that gives you peace in your soul and everyone else should do the same. If they want manufactured thoughts and fake feelings they need to go find a fake friend.

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