And then there was a party

What it do my blog people,

So, I dont know when was the last time I have posted but I know it was a little while. Here is the  🍵 ………. First, of course you all know I had to get in my dinner date time. For some reason me and hubby cant stay away from this place Wok and Roll. If Washington DC had anything great to come out of it…. It would be its sushi spots.

Then after the time away from the kiddies it was back to reality. THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!! YEAH!!!!! SPEND ALL OF MOMMY AND DADDY MONEY!!!!
So, the planning  began and it was hell…How many kids? Whats the budget? Where is a fun place for kids to go crazy and lose every bit of their minds without getting into trouble for it? Then it came to me like a night in shining armor ….GLOW IN THE DARK MINI GOLF Scary Strokes 🏌🏿🧟

The adults had a blast and the kids went bat shit crazy LOL

We ended up spending way more money than what was expected because you know…. THE PLACE WAS FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!! …. We played arcade games, ate pizza, and was reminded that 10 kids playing mini golf in the dark…… THERE ARE NO RULES AND IT’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!! 😭



THE BIRTHDAY FUN- pictures and videos are a reflection of my sister’s professionalism…. THERE IS NONE 😦








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