Hidy ho people,

So, I have been away for a minute. My reason is because it’s been ALOT!! going on. Now I can put everything in one post but then you all would get bored and I will get bored typing all this mess. So I am going to break it down in a couple of interesting blog post 🙂

First off is traveling home. See people – I am off for the summer. Yes, I.. DO.. NOT.. WORK.. FOR.. THE.. SUMMER 🙂 The only good benefits of working for the school system. You get the option to continue to lose your damn mind or take a nice 3months God given break from the demons.

So, I decide to travel as far as where my money can take me. Its usually home or somewhere down South most of the time. I hit Sumter, SC moving 70 to 80 miles an hour and I did not look back. It felt so good getting out of the city and back to my roots. Trees, good air, good food and family love. We stopped at the South of The Border on the way and made the Praise Conference that was AWESOME!! Oh, did I mention we ate GOOD ?


South Of The Border We really just look bad as a unit… Ghetto Travels LOL 🙂





Rebecca Lynch

With an awesome panel:  Myra PressleyElijah BradfordJames Goodman and Reginald T Byrden 


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