Grown up Fun

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It was most definitely a cool night. A chance to finally hang with my cousin that stays 30 minutes away from me and a  Birthday Celebration for my lovely cousin that finally came to the DMV to visit. Only because her child had a function up here for a week 😦 …. But I love her anyway and is glad she came and chilled with yo girl for a bit.

Our destination  was HORSESHOE CASINO the place where magic happens and you spend all your money. But then lets hope by the grace of tiny hairs on your head, you are one of the lucky ones to leave with money in your pocket.

Even though gambling is not my thing I did enjoy time with the fam. And If it wasnt for our early exist stage left I probaly would’ve sat on the slot machines all damn night. My main focus would’ve been to make back the money we spent on food and drinks; and cross my fingers for rent 🙂

All jokes a side, the food was BOMB!!!

I never new a famous Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese Burger could taste so damn good. Nor did I know that a sashimi taco would be so on point; the wings was hittin; and the drinks were super strong. The bartender did not hold back at all.

Sooo,  I want to give a big shout out to the man Guy Fieri and his restaurant in the casino that took all of our money before we even hit the floor 🙂



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