Another One

Hello fellow humans,

So, today is the start of another little vacation that at this point I’m not sure if I need it. I am off of work starting today and dont go back until Thursday afternoon. Keeping in mind that I just got back from a snow weekend (3 days) and Christmas/New Year break (1 week/3 days). Like…..I’m kind of excited… Then I’m like….. Wooooowwwww another little ass check on the way 💸

Money Problems💲💰

If I have to deal with another 2 weeks of being broke I’m going to high jack the principal. Cause you know, It aint nothing like that HNIC money 😐

Moving On

At least I have a chance to blog, blog and blog some more. Especially since I found out that my lovely family members take the time to actually read my stuff. You know, other then some of you guys that do and not just because it pops up on all yall’s news feed/email whenever I blog 😜😆

It feels good knowing that I have support❤️

Now you guys can look foward to me running my mouth and sipping on a lil somethin somethin (in my ratchet voice). Cause thats all imma be doing. Talking; getting you hip to some music; drinking whatever comes to mind and chilling like I aint got to be to work until sometime next week 🙂


P.S. Fellow Humans is courtesy of my 10 year old daughter….. She wont stop

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