🗣My play list is sick right now!!!!

Up late nights and vibing is my thing and of course talking to you guys.

Right now im listening to the underrated and talented SIR along with other talented musicians.


🗣Let me tell yall!!!!! This man is sick sick, something DOPE and California like.

Oh, didn’t I tell y’all that California men have a place in my little country heart. Serious vibing ass resplendent species they are 👀

Inglewood Baby!!!!!!😜

But that’s besides the point …

This man is like a drop of dark chocolate Scorpio; with a touch of ghetto; being the most important chest piece in the game right now.


I love the confidence and cockiness in his music…He demands respect and I’m just the woman to give it to him….

Its only right SIR 😜

But y’all check him out… Next time he is going to be on my “How I feel” post……YES YES YES

Goodnight y’all

And remember to love you first ❤

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