Once again I’m up late night and just vibing.

I’m out of commission for a couple of days soooooo, why not?

What happened you ask?

I fell down the steps while walking up the steps 🤦‍♀️

Hunnyyyyy, clumsy ain’t the word. Now I’m stuck in the house with an old folk swollen hip. I really didn’t know that was a thing until I went to the hospital and they made it one 🤔

They ran enough test that had me thinking I had diabetes, arthritis and everything under the sun of grace. I was scared as hell in that hospital.

Now I’m home until good ole Friday. I spent my day off my hip as much as possible, medicated up and cooking to go with this rainy DMV weather.

I made kneck bone stew with potatoes, carrots, yellow rice and sweet cornbread 👅All the while listening to country music.

I had Chris Stapleton- (Tennessee Whiskey) on repeat 👀

I wish I had something nice and brown to go with the meal but I’m under legal drugs… SO I CANT!!

That’s my day folks and one more day in. I want yall to enjoy your week and make your coin (a.k.a Money).

And remember nobody can love you like you do ❤

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