A vibe?

A connection that’s so chill and dope. Some shit you only read about in books.

You know, like urban legend ghetto ass shit or romantic novels.

Someone you can pick your poison with.

What’s your vice luv?…. All the while yall eating good, listening to good music and conversing.

With some

Mind…. blowing….. sex 😜

Something y’all have perfected over time.

My girl Ari Lennox- Shea Butter and PHO albums got me in another zone y’all.


Who y’all vibing with?

How y’all vibing?

Drop your comments and remember raw and very uncut 👀


2 thoughts on “Vibe?

  1. Brenda Cole

    Vibing: that one you can speak your mind with and even with a slight disagreement it turns into sex and them physically putting that work in to let you know not to walk away.

    Vibing: that one you can drink with and even when u get drunk, letting yourself go isn’t a issue just a moment that ya’ll can laugh about and add to your personal memories

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