The perfect mate

Here we go family,

So, at work today while sitting on post I was asked a couple of question by one of my coworkers/one of my best friends.

He said “Jones what do you consider to be a perfect match for you as far as a mate”?

“Would you get married again”?

“Do you consider yourself wife material and why”?

These questions kinda threw me off gaurd because they came out of nowhere.

I answered

For me its communication, loyalty and consistency. A man that is about his money, family oriented and is focused on building a strong foundation. Even though I’m a tough little cookie, head strong and was taught to take care of my own. I would like someone that deserves my respect and submissiveness. Have no patience for another man or disrespect from anyone outside of his home but have the up most respect and patience with his family. He is the head and I am the neck.

Yes, I most definitely want to get married again. My soul mate is out there somewhere. He just needs to come find me. But, this time its gonna be right.

Whoever gets me this time around is gonna be stuck with me forever 😁

What makes me a wife is that I am one. I play my part. I take care of my partner because he takes care of me. He gives me a house I make it a home. He brings home food I make it a meal. You know, things of that nature. To top it off I’m more of a home body, Netflix and chill type of chick. I’d rather be out with my boo or my kids. I go out sometimes with the homies but for the most part you’ll always know where to find yo girl 😜

There you go

I want some answers from you guys. What do yall think? This is for Male and female. If you was never married dont answer that question 🤣🤣

Remember raw and unfiltered

8 thoughts on “The perfect mate

  1. I really admire your perspective. Relationships require a lot of a person but we can gain just as much as we put in. Hope you find someone who reciprocates your efforts and earns your respect.

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