I’m not 2020

So I’ve decided to go out with family for a Birth Day.

She picked the Casino and I’ve came to the realization that I’m not gambling not another day in my life. I was never one from the beginning so for me to even think that its something I can do has become way too much. I’m tired of losing money and getting mad as hell when I do. To top it all off I was a little tipsy. So you can only Imagine my exit lol.

The time before that I got sleepy at about 2am started to leave and fell asleep in the casino parking lot to about 4am. All I could say to myself self was “baby girl, you getting old”.

Yeah… Me and going out don’t work.

All in this same night I’ve decided that I am so done with being single and I really don’t know if I want to mingle 🤦🏿‍♀️

Men were hitting on me and the only response I could give them was…. NOTHING. Then after the tipsy text and calls I have decided that my little “Hot Girl Summer” or Fall or whatever the hell you wanna call it….. Is OVER. I’m getting way too old for the shenanigans. That’s right I said It 🤔

I am so use to making tipsy text calls, going home being boo’d up, and a lot of times getting on one person’s nerves. I almost called him too I even pictured the conversation in my head.

Me: I want that old thing back.

Him: Say no more I’m on the way.

Me: I came back to reality really quick getting into my car.

See, at first I thought I knew what I wanted (A friend) and I was big on just that. I want a boo of my own now. With friendship added into the  equation.

So this is a heads up to the men that try to pursue me……… We most definitely have to make some things clear.

1. I want a relationship

2. In our own homes. Meaning you in yours and me in mines. If we can take care of both homes together then we in there like swim wear.

3. A background check. I want to make sure I ain’t dealing with something that I can’t handle. Like a pedophile or bigamist. Because I ain’t got time to be catching a case people. I don’t like jail at all.

4. At some point you have got to meet my kids. That’s the deal breaker right there because my kids don’t like people. So if they like you then we just might make it into a single family home.

5. No games, honesty, communication and you have got to be ready to build.

6. Promiscuous, NPD having, women beating men…….STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!! You haven’t grown up yet you still a kid.

I have had my last migraine in 2020. I promise you I will sit in my house celibate until I’m 60 years of age if I have to. I don’t want to play no more.

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