Hola gente,

So, everything is shutting down because of the coronavirus world wide outbreak. I am one of those affected by this because I work for the DCPS school system. No worries about it because yo girl is still out here grinding making this coin ( money ).


After a long work day and some homework time I’m finally winding down. Tonight the drink of choice is Stella Rosa Black. My favorite cousin/best friend told me about it. I’ve never had it before so I was just like ” When in Rome”. And everyone that reads my blog knows that I have a soft spot in my heart for Cali love so of course on my speakers I got Jhene Aiko’s new album Chilombo and babbbyyyyyyyy when I tell you she has out done herself again.


My suggestion is the song B.S ft. H.E.R. That song speaks to me something serious. I replayed it like 50 times LOL Oh and P*$$y Fairy ( OTW ). Shes the only person with the voice that she has that can say the nasty stuff that she says and It works. Damn near the entire album 😜

What can I say……… The girl is good 😊

At the end of it all I had a chill day. I get a chill; you get a chill; we all get a chill and forget about this world wide epidemic we have just about every new election 🤔

Enjoy your week with enough hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray and food to hold down Africa people.