Take The Wheel

Well Hello, So, originally I was gonna catch you guys up with the different  series of events that traumatized my life. But so many things just kept on happening. It's like the Devil and the Universe is playing tag with my emotions. I am mentally and emotionally TIRED!!!! It all started when my loved one …

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Hello Peeps, Hope everyone has had a good weekend and lovely Sun of the Day (Sunday). I am currently sipping on Sutter Home - Sweet Red and is just typing away. Here is another story for you guys. Short and simple. So, me and my youngest was just riding along running errands then BOOM!... I notice …

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Hidy ho people, So, I have been away for a minute. My reason is because it's been ALOT!! going on. Now I can put everything in one post but then you all would get bored and I will get bored typing all this mess. So I am going to break it down in a couple of …

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