I am a big believer  when it comes to “you can’t break if you are not broken”.

See, it was a point in my life that i was broken into pieces. I was in a place that i would not wish on my worse enemy. I lost a child….. I was like shattered glass on the ground. Just sitting there with people walking around me, while bits and pieces of me is scattered all over the place. With no way of me or anybody else putting me back together. Then one day my oldest came to me and said “mommy we need you too, we dont want to lose you”. And i swear that day was the day that i decided to REBUILD & REINVENT myself. Its a process but i am working on it.

I just love that word BUILD. Because Its like the beginning and ending of something strong and beautiful. It’s different levels to this process. You are either REBUILDING, BUILDING OR BUILDING EVEN MORE on top of your accomplishments. My kids and my faith jump started the new me. Now i feel like i have a platform to share this process with others and hopefully help people with their BUILDING process. Please know that it’s not just me alone its my family too.



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