Long Over Due

Namaste My blog family,                       "I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off" (Lil Kim, 2003). But seriously folks, Its been FOR... EVER!!!!!!!! I have missed so much from my blog family. I see that its been some good post, …

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Hello Peeps, Hope everyone has had a good weekend and lovely Sun of the Day (Sunday). I am currently sipping on Sutter Home - Sweet Red and is just typing away. Here is another story for you guys. Short and simple. So, me and my youngest was just riding along running errands then BOOM!... I notice …

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Hidy ho people, So, I have been away for a minute. My reason is because it's been ALOT!! going on. Now I can put everything in one post but then you all would get bored and I will get bored typing all this mess. So I am going to break it down in a couple of …

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